It’s one o’ those days
When austerity rules
When lethargy’s your coffee
And sleep your compadre

Enthusiasm runs low
Introspection’s what you do
life seems vaguely aimless
Yet you stagger on
As you’re not sure

“Wait, this isn’t the last option”
I wish we had none
Life would be linear
Not the maze that surrounds you

Doing what’s ideal And safe
You wouldn’t worry
“Is this the right path?”
“Am I going too slow?”
“Should I do something else?”
“Do I even like this?”

You would walk on
Fear, your fuel
For You’d know when you’d stop
you’d be through

& There’d be no solitude
You’ll have fools to your left
And fools to your right
With you in this dreaded monotony

Your mind with ease would lie
Yet fulfilled
“I am DOING nothing wrong now
Just what they are doing!
There IS no need for me
To harbor any more greed”

“After all, happiness is overrated
Isn’t it?
It’s pursuit has pulled
Many a good men down”

“It’s nothing but a fickle object
The love of whom
Has made our heart, beat”

“Its pursuit is what
Has kept it alive
Through times of turbulence
And through bouts of solitude”

“But the heart is foolish
It Can’t clearly see
Through the fog that surrounds it
Awaiting a ray of sunshine to break”

“Solidarity is what I feel for it
Yet not much there is, I can do
Sitting up here thinking away
All I can, is deceive and fool”

It might be what the heart wants
But ne’er the heart knows
truly what it needs”


One thought on “Linearity

  1. TheCipherStory says:

    Oh how I wish I knew what the heart needs!
    Brilliant capture of emotions.

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