The One

There’s a voice inside my head
Come to me is what it says
A voice too strong
A voice never ceasing

Slowly but surely keeps clawing away
At my resolve which weakens by the day

Calls me to a place
Darker than darkness itself
Tempts me to give in
And to give it up
The rat and mouse games
That we play

A trap it has set
Like a spider’s web
I run
I stop I succumb

Mired in the web i think
What can get me out of this sink
I hope it will be someone
But find that the answer 

is just THE one…

The key I realize
Is That freedom is what i truly want
To run away from this shadow
To a place where i am free
And To a place where I can be

I pull myself out
Dust myself off
Stand up proud
And Strut off

Knowing that the shadow lurks
Always will

But at least now
I know what’s to be done
‘Cos now I know
I AM the only one…

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One thought on “The One

  1. TheCipherStory says:

    Brilliant! 🙂

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