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It’s like an intense pleasure. A will to be lost in the melody, the intricacies, the complexities, yet the simplicities of the piece of art being reproduced in front of you. Waves & waves of ecstasy passing through your body reminding you & making you feel the presence of each and every hair follicle, each & every cell, each & every molecule that makes you yourself.

It’s a vicarious pleasure known to a few, yet coveted by many. People might have searched high & low just so that they could feel the exhiliaration that you are getting right now, sitting in your seat, beer in hand, jaw on the floor, as the music unfolds. There is an intense empathy you feel, towards the artist who made it, to the band playing it & to the experiences that they might have faced individually. Ever want to understand the true beauty of a musical piece? Just look at the person standing there with his eyes closed, playing his heart out. He might not seem too ecstatic, not too jovial, not too jumpy. But what “he” is feeling is what it is all about.

It’s all about the will to understand. It’s all about trying to grasp the meaning of it all. Trying to understand the melody, the harmony, why this, why that? A need for uregently wanting to understand what the artist wanted to portray. Who’s the heartbroken one, & where can I find him/her to bring some comfort to.

This, in my opinion, is the beauty of music, or for that matter, any artform. You don’t need to know the person, or his language, or his skin colour, or his race, or his nationality. He doesn’t even need to have to be alive! But despite these obstructions, you know what it is he wants, what it is he pines for, what it is that makes him jovial, what it is that angers him, what it is that broke him down & what it is that brought him up.

You know, he knows, & so do you wish could each & every person sitting in the room!

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Music: A Perspective

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