Monthly Archives: December 2013

I Have A Dream… (Or Do I?)

How important is a dream? And when I say dream, I mean not the ones you get which wake you up or put you down as you lie down, but the ones you see when you are conscious. The ones you make for yourself, the targets & the goals you set for yourself in the process, and the ones you nurture. Very very consciously. So. How important are they really?

Mind you, when you create these dreams, you do them out of choice. Choosing paths you choose following the dream you created, which now choose your dreams for you. The sacrifices you need to make, the work you need to do. The paths you need to follow,the ones you need to avoid. A measure of control on your life, one which you might never have had, lies with an idea that you created. A simple idea. A simple dream. 

Because, When we start off with our dreams, they are nothing really. Just a sentence. “I want to be a pilot”. “I want to be an astronaut”. “I want to be the next Bill Gates”. But this one sentence has the power of motivation that the rest of the thesaurus might not hold for you. This one sentence makes you DO. It makes you go out, makes you meet people, makes you restless, makes you impatient, makes you work hard, makes you WANT to want it!…. lest it remain untrue, nothing but a prophecy… unfulfilled. 

And that’s where it might get you. Because after all, it was a dream. Always. All along the weary road you travelled. It was a dream. One which you chose to strive for, chose to risk everything for, chose to sacrifice for. It was ALWAYS a dream. And that’s when it hits you hard. When you thought you had it. When you thought, you knew, you had it. All that you had ever really wanted. Because only in loss does one really understand the latitude of that dream. Of that thought…

So should one stop dreaming?

The answer lies within. Cliched, but true. Ask yourself what is it you want. A completely hedged portfolio – no risk, no drama, no possibility of incomprehensible loss, and none of humongous gains? Or would you like (at least) a slight shot at crazy returns, an opportunity to shine, a likelihood of 15 minutes of elation?